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Personal Services

All of us at Earth Supply share the core believe that peronalised service is the One key factor that help us serve and retain our clients who supports us in our journey. In other words "Walking the Extra mile" is standard in our organisation

Quality Products

At Earth Supply we spend time to research, develop and procure the highest quality products which at time can be rare due to the volatility cuased by the nature of these products. We strive to supply quality functional products that give results. Below are some of the Outcomes you can expect when using our products:

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Meet Our Team

Meet the people behind the scenes who are waiting to offer you a great service at competitive prices and with a quick turnaround

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The Team

Earth Supply is a family business, that cares about our fellow humans and their well being!

johan brits

Johan Brits

ansie brits

Ansie Brits

Admin and Procurement